Monday, 8 October 2012

Mark Schulhof - Taking the Industry by Storm with Quadriga Art

The world is always full of disasters and calamities. There are thousands of people hurting, and places which are being destroyed everyday. This people are in great need of help; however, they do not have the funds to help them in such cases, and sometimes because of it they suffer more.

Quadriga Art is one of those few companies which really benefits people in need. They work in close correlation with media resources, making it possible for the non-profit organizations to provide money for those who are in need.

Mark Schulhof
is the CEO of Quadriga Art Co. He has successfully led the company to become one of the leaders in effective fund-raising. Quadriga Art Co. motivates people into donating more money for these useful causes. They also deal in direct mail, a marketing service which makes it more viable for the clients.

In the words of Mark Schulhof

“It is often difficult and time consuming for nonprofit executives to sift through the sea of information online and in print in order to find news that is relevant, current and important to their organization's needs. The video site will not only provide current and breaking news segments; but will also be indexed to archived stories that can be easily searched by key word. Basically it will be like our own industry's TV News Network on the web”.

This shows how the firm is working to provide the most accurate value added fundraising and direct marketing services in the industry. The company has raised funds for a number of causes across the world and gained popularity for the same as well. Many companies and organizations have trusted Mr. Schulhof and his company for the state-of-the art services in this regard.

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