Monday, 29 October 2012

Mark Schulhof- The Man Behind Quadriga Arts’ Success!

The fundraising industry is a tricky one and the hardest job in the world is to get people to donate money towards a worthy cause. It takes a crafty businessperson who can convince one with persuasion powers, and market the event so well, that people come forward on their won to be a part of the process and donate funds towards it.

Mr. Mark Schulhof is one of those people who have such persuasion powers and can create such a righteous image of the cause or event at hand that people willingly donate towards it. He is the CEO of Quadriga art co. and has been in the business of direct marketing since a long while.

This firm has brought about revolutionary changes in the industry, and has made it possible for many non-profit organizations to spread their word far and wide, so that people would contribute towards them and make them from minor endeavors to major movements.

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