Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Mark Schulhof – The man behind the Innovation in the Fundraising Industry

Mark Schulhof, the CEO of Quadriga Art is a very busy man these days with the launch of the first web-based platform for video news.  As a global leader in the non-profit industry, Mr. Schulhof is focussed on providing direct marketing and creative services with a touch of innovation. Corporations around the world rely on the services provided by his company. With his dynamic leadership, Quadriga Art Inc. is reaching new heights through its manufacturing of retail supply, far-reaching fundraising, publishing and direct mail marketing.
Most non-profit organizations are focussed on improving the lives of millions of needy people around the globe. Today, this industry faces though challenges such as lack of funds and fierce competition. In today’s dwindling economy, the funds for the non-profit sector have depreciated significantly and Mark Schulhof , through the products and services of his company helps achieve effective fundraising. He, along with his team strives to deliver out of the box solutions for his clients. His strategy of leveraging on the social media has generated great results for the non-profit industry. Now more and more fundraising companies are reaching to a wider audience.
Quadriga Art under the direction of Mr. Schulhof has reached a new high with the launch of its video news platform. This is focused to deliver meaningful news to the non-profit industry. “In this rapidly changing marketing environment, having a one-stop location for industry news as well as peer and published insights, can save valuable time, eliminate costly mistakes and produce measurably better campaign results” according to Mr. Schulhof.
Mark Schulhof is not new to challenges, along with his valuable 3500 employees he is working to bring about a difference in the life of the needy and underprivileged. It is his dedication and quest for excellence that has made of Quadriga Art the leader in direct marketing and creative services for the non-profit industry.

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