Monday, 23 July 2012

Mark Schulhof – The man behind the Innovation in the Fundraising Industry

Mark Schulhof, the CEO of Quadriga Art is a very busy man these days with the launch of the first web-based platform for video news.  As a global leader in the non-profit industry, Mr. Schulhof is focussed on providing direct marketing and creative services with a touch of innovation. Corporations around the world rely on the services provided by his company. With his dynamic leadership, Quadriga Art Inc. is reaching new heights through its manufacturing of retail supply, far-reaching fundraising, publishing and direct mail marketing.
Most non-profit organizations are focussed on improving the lives of millions of needy people around the globe. Today, this industry faces though challenges such as lack of funds and fierce competition. In today’s dwindling economy, the funds for the non-profit sector have depreciated significantly and Mark Schulhof , through the products and services of his company helps achieve effective fundraising. He, along with his team strives to deliver out of the box solutions for his clients. His strategy of leveraging on the social media has generated great results for the non-profit industry. Now more and more fundraising companies are reaching to a wider audience.
Quadriga Art under the direction of Mr. Schulhof has reached a new high with the launch of its video news platform. This is focused to deliver meaningful news to the non-profit industry. “In this rapidly changing marketing environment, having a one-stop location for industry news as well as peer and published insights, can save valuable time, eliminate costly mistakes and produce measurably better campaign results” according to Mr. Schulhof.
Mark Schulhof is not new to challenges, along with his valuable 3500 employees he is working to bring about a difference in the life of the needy and underprivileged. It is his dedication and quest for excellence that has made of Quadriga Art the leader in direct marketing and creative services for the non-profit industry.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Mark Schulhof – Face Behind Radical Changes in Direct Marketing Industry

Few direct marketing firms are revered in the world of nonprofits for their path breaking ideas. Millions of people around the globe benefit from the selfless contributions accumulated by the non-profit players. Quadriga Art, INC is one such name that is reckoned as a leader in the direct marketing industry. The man behind the success of the organization is none other than its Chief Executive Officer Mr. Mark Schulhof. The pioneer understood that in this industry, the donor or the contributor is the kind and it is imperative to have a good camaraderie with him.
The non-profit industry has witnessed numerous transitions in the last few years. Gone are the days when there used to be hordes of donors contributing to the cause of the underprivileged. The dwindling economy has resulted in lesser donations. Mr. Mark Schulhof introduced the concept of high performance fund raising that helps to give performance driven results even with the limited budget of the client. In the competitive scenario today, Mr. Schulhof understands that a penny saved is a penny earned.  Along with a dedicated creative team, he helps to deliver novel ideas to take the concept of the client from the drawing board to the mailbox. Under the direction of Mr. Schulhof Quadriga also introduced the service of test marketing. In this approach, clients assess the performance of their products and services, before introducing them in the market.
Mark Schulhof is not new to introducing novel concepts that help to attract more donors for the nonprofit players. For instance, implementation of Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) Green 15 Pledge Program in 2011, Quadriga has given an ecofriendly touch to its products and helped to work towards a greener future. He also understood the power of social media and used it as a platform in order to reach various clients.
Today, the nonprofit industry is reeling under the pressures of economy. It is due to the efforts of people like Mr. Schulhof and his direct marketing firm that thousands of people around the globe can live a better and meaningful life.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Mark Schulhof - Transforming Thoughts into Reality

Non-profit organizations used to be concerned only in receiving the money that was donated to their charities, rather than staying up to date with the changing times and giving more importance to the donors. Mark Schulhof, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Quadriga Art, is the man who realized the importance of effective communication with the donors and formulating constructive policies.

He placed a lot of stress on the non-profits organizations from different countries to support their marketing policies and operations. According to him, there are many important elements that should be addressed like; the distribution of media, governmental reconstruction and the usage of information in an effective manner.

He supports the idea that the policies related to marketing should be built in such a way so that more donors will come forward and offer their participation. Mark Schulhof said that nowadays non-profits organizations do not want to explore new concepts; this can also be considered as one of the reason for not boosting the participation of donors. These organizations must incorporate various methods that can help transform donors into investors. There is a need to apply creative methods that can be used in the marketing endeavors in order to achieve the proposed tasks.

People today are much wiser even though they have so much to do on a daily basis and non-profit organization should keep this vital fact in mind. It is very important for these organizations to set up effective marketing strategies so that they are able to cater to the needs of the potential community.

Mark Schulhof is making the most of his company, Quadriga Art, in order to create awareness regarding what a common person has to go through every day.He sincerely appeals to the community to come forward and offer full support to these non-profit organizations in helping to make the world a better place.