Monday, 13 August 2012

Turning to Effective Marketing Strategies for Voluminous Fundraising

Donor contributions are thinning at a fast rate in today’s tough financial times. As per Mark Schulhof, the CEO of Quadriga Art, adopting better advertisement and marketing strategies could provide some respite from the present situation. Offering incentives or gains to contributors/donors could keep them motivated enough to make bigger contributions.
According to observations made by Mark, the current trend of non-profits to offer premium gifts and door drops to contributors and supporters is swiftly catching up with the donors, who are responding with bigger contributions. The brilliant idea coupled with the intense endeavors of direct marketing and social media marketing is helping charities to raise substantially more funds as compared to what is typically considered normal.
Additionally, Mark Schulhof believes that a non-profit organization must support their marketing strategies on the changing landscape of the society and nation they are operating in. It is necessary to formulate marketing policies after considering several different factors that may allure supporters towards contributing not, merely, in the present times, but on a long-term basis.
Commenting on this great concept, Mark stated that the idea has helped non-profits to connect with potential donors. In addition, it not only helps almsgivers to better appreciate the message and the concept of charitable institutions, but feel appreciated for their contribution towards their cause as well. Since, majority people expect to avail an immediate and impersonal message seeking donations, the thought of receiving a premium gift with a direct mail or door drop package tends to boost them to contribute more for a good and generous cause.
Nevertheless, for this strategy to be greatly effective on the long-term basis, it is essentially important to choose gifts, which besides the charitable trusts may prove to be useful for the almsgivers. The swiftly changing trends have made it obligatory for even non-profits to adapt better marketing strategies to amplify donor contributions, particularly in view of increasing cost of operations and competition.
Mark Schulhof focus on making direct marketing efforts with a touch of innovation in order to inspire donors across the globe to make bigger contributions and make a difference in someone’s life. Under his dynamic leadership, Quadriga Art is conquering new heights through its retail supply, fundraising, direct mail marketing, manufacturing and publishing.