Thursday, 31 May 2012

Mark Schulhof Stresses On the Need For Better Donor Communication Strategies

With the changing times, people’s approach towards non-profit organizations and charities has also undergone a tremendous change. Unfortunately, a large number of non-profits choose to turn blind eye to the ongoing changes and continue to follow the outdated means of communicating with donors, which naturally affects their fundraising capabilities. In view of the changing outlook of the donors, to
Mark Schulhof, the CEO of Quadriga Art, has stressed on the need for non-profits to adapt better donor communication policies.

According to Mark Schulhof, non profits should base their marketing strategies on the changing landscape of the country and society they are operating in. It is vital for non-profits to consider factors including regulatory and legislative reforms, market consolidation, media fractionalization, changing demographics, instant information overload and the struggling economy before finalizing a donor communication strategy. It is vital to develop marketing policies after considering various factors that might attract donors towards making a contribution not only in the present times, but on a long term basis.

Schulhof has also pointed out that most charities are repeatedly following the path that has been treated by numerous non-profits previously and this is surely not helping them in increasing their donor base. According to Mark Schulhof , non-profits need to adapt new methodologies to ensure that the donors are converted into investors. It has also become important for non-profits to be more creative in their marketing strategies in order to achieve success in their stated goals and missions.

Schulhof has also advised non-profits to remember the fact that today people are not only a lot busier but also have access to greater and more accurate information. As such it is important to design variable market strategies to reach out to diverse target audience. This will enable non-profits to convince them in a better way about investing in their cause.

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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Mark Schulhof Stresess On Better Marketing Strategies For Effective Fundraising

Keeping in view the tough economic times, it is no wonder that the donor contributions towards various non-profit organizations and charities are thinning at a rapid pace. According to Mark Schulhof,the CEO of Quadriga Art, this trend can be reversed by adapting better marketing strategies that offer some sort of incentives to donors and inspire them to make greater contributions. The idea has already been successfully adapted by major non-profit organizations across Europe including The British Red Cross and the Royal British Legion.

According to the observations made by Quadriga Art, the current trend of charities to offer door drops and premium gifts to donors is fast catching up with donors, who are responding with greater contributions. This innovative idea combined with the intense efforts of direct marketing is helping nonprofits to raise significantly more funds than what is usually considered normal.

Commenting on this new trend, Mark Schulhof is reported to have said that the innovative idea has helped charities to connect with prospective donors. Additionally, it not only helps the donors to better appreciate the concept and message of non-profit services but also feel appreciated for their contribution towards their cause. Since most people expect to receive an impersonal and instant message seeking contributions, the concept of receiving a premium gift along with a door drop or direct mail package tends to encourage them to contribute more generously for a good cause.

However, for this strategy to be effective in the long run, it is vital to choose gifts that besides symbolizing the charities may prove to be useful for the donors. The changing marketing trends have made it necessary for even non-profit organizations and charities to adapt better methodologies and communication and marketing strategies to enhance donor contribution, especially in view of the increasing competition and cost of operations.

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