Thursday, 18 August 2011

Mark Schulhof – Innovative Fundraising Approach

A successful industrialist in the arena of widespread manufacturing, retail supply, far-reaching fundraising, publishing and direct mail marketing is none other than Mark Schulhof, CEO of a seventy-year-old company – Quadriga Art, Inc., headquartered in New York. His innovative and out-of-the-box thinking has given him and the company a respectful name and higher altitude in the endeavor for serving humanity.

Through his company, Mr. Schulhof steer wide range of non-profit organizations all around the world to help them in generating funds and revenues for the charities. Quadriga Art International is a direct marketing firm, which raise funds through intellectual fundraising programs and direct mail services.

Mark’s intentions are generous, for helping millions of poor and needy people he formulate programs for raising funds for those non-profit organizations that are involved in the betterment of society and its people. In order to provide medical aids, educational advantages, employment opportunities and basic living, there are above 1.4 million non-profit organizations only in the United States of America.

At present, the donations and contributions made to these non-profit organizations are becoming less due to recent economic crisis, cost-cutting policies and low budget allotment by the government. As a result, they experience shortage of funds and a large number of people in despair are left out in receiving essential abet.

Mark Schulhof utilized social media as an effective tool to spread awareness among communities and people, encouraging support and contribution to charities and non-profit organizations, according to their level of convenience. He brought a revolutionary concept of marketing by motivating donors and contributors with some rewards, door drops or exclusive gifts that would help these non-profit groups to raise funds thoroughly.

Mr. Schulhof’s creativity and expertise has given new dimensions to non-profit, charitable organizations to generate funds and revenue, involving social media interface, to help needy and support people in grief. His efforts and contribution in discovering sources of effectual fundraising for charities and non-profit organizations is commendable.

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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Mark Schulhof Stresess On BeMark Schulhof Stresess On Better Marketintter Marketing Strategies For Effective Fundraising

Keeping in view the tough economic times, it is no wonder that the donor contributions towards various non-profit organizations and charities are thinning at a rapid pace. According to Mark Schulhof,the CEO of Quadriga Art, this trend can be reversed by adapting better marketing strategies that offer some sort of incentives to donors and inspire them to make greater contributions. The idea has already been successfully adapted by major non-profit organizations across Europe including The British Red Cross and the Royal British Legion.

According to the observations made by Quadriga Art, the current trend of charities to offer door drops and premium gifts to donors is fast catching up with donors, who are responding with greater contributions. This innovative idea combined with the intense efforts of direct marketing is helping nonprofits to raise significantly more funds than what is usually considered normal.

Commenting on this new trend, Mark Schulhof is reported to have said that the innovative idea has helped charities to connect with prospective donors. Additionally, it not only helps the donors to better appreciate the concept and message of non-profit services but also feel appreciated for their contribution towards their cause. Since most people expect to receive an impersonal and instant message seeking contributions, the concept of receiving a premium gift along with a door drop or direct mail package tends to encourage them to contribute more generously for a good cause.

However, for this strategy to be effective in the long run, it is vital to choose gifts that besides symbolizing the charities may prove to be useful for the donors. The changing marketing trends have made it necessary for even non-profit organizations and charities to adapt better methodologies and communication and marketing strategies to enhance donor contribution, especially in view of the increasing competition and cost of operations.

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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Mark Schulhof On The Importance Of Social Media For Successful Fundraising

Despite the fact that there are more than 1.4 million non-profit organizations working across America, a large number of people in need of help are unable to get the aid from any of these organizations. A major reason for this is the fact that due to tough economic times, there has been a significant decline in the donations made to these organizations, which in turn has restricted their efforts of making the aid available to a larger number of needy people. That is why Mark Schulhof   has stressed on the need of people from all walks of life especially those related to social media in enhancing the contributions made towards such organizations which are dedicated towards helping people to live an improved life.

According to Mark Schulhof, the CEO of Quadriga Art, the current economic challenges have been further intensified by the budget cuts established by the state and federal governments. This has made it especially tough for people to make great financial contributions towards non-profit organizations and charities. In such a scenario, the role of social media has become even ore important in not only raising the awareness of people towards such organizations but also in carrying out donor based programs and campaigns to ensure successful fundraising for these organizations.

With the number of people in need of assistance growing with each passing days, non-profit organizations and charities have an important role to play in providing aid to the poor, chronically ill, veterans and animals. However, in view of the declining funds and significant reduction in donations, the task has become much tougher than most people can even imagine. That is why social media needs to lay much stress on adapting and utilizing various methods of marketing, communicating and enhancing the fund raising methods that can prove beneficial for these organizations.

Mark Schulhof   is CEO of Quadriga Art international, a leading marketing firm for various nonprofit organizations around the world, who helps charities around the world raises funds. To learn more about the company and its direct mail service, logon to its website at